Custom Floorcloths

The art of the hand painted floorcloth originated in France in the 1400's. It was widely used in the 18th and 19th centuries as an affordable alternative to carpets. They were originally constructed of sailcloth and oil paints, thus creating the term oilcloth, also known as a floorcloth. These decorative mats were also the precursor to linoleum.

Lara creates custom floorcloths using colors and design influences from existing interior design elements. Her floorcloths are made with 100% cotton canvas with a turned edge. The entire floorcloth is primed and painted with latex paints for flexibility. Finally, the floorcloth is finished on both sides with several coats of a durable waterproof sealer.

Any of Lara's paint techniques be applied to make unique floorcloths of any size.

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